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Skincare Packages

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Professional Peel Package

Package £200

Treat yourself to an exclusive Skinbetter Professional Peel at Paula's!


This special offer gives you three peels for the price of two, saving an amazing £100!

Package Includes:
x3 Skinbetter Professional Peels

Skincare Kickstart

Package £320

Wondering where to start your skincare journey?

Our Skincare Kickstart is the perfect opportunity for you to see the results of professional skincare treatments. Designed to treat an array of skin concerns, this combination of treatments help revise and rejuvenate problematic skin.

Package includes:

x1 Microneedling Treatment 

x1 Enzyme Treatment

x1 Skinbetter 30 Professional Peel

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The Ultimate Skincare Package

Package £1,100

Are you ready for effortlessly beautiful skin? Our ultimate skincare package consists of our favourite treatments to help completely restore youthful, healthy skin.


Package Includes:

x1 Microneedling treatment

x1 Microneedling treatment with Uber Pro Peel

x2 DMK Enzyme Treatments

x1 Muscle Banding Treatment

x1 Mini RP

x1 Bihaku

Paula will also send you home with some products for your 'at home regime'.


*We recommend one of our skin treatments a month for seven months for the best and most maintainable results

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