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Dermapen vs Skinpen

Microneedling is the revolutionary skin treatment used worldwide to tackle a variety of skin concerns. There are two industry leaders of microneedling devices on the market, Dermapen and SkinPen. While both are designed to achieve the same result, there are some key differences why Dermapen trumps other alternatives and why we offer it to our clients.

You may have seen the variety of images online of red faced celebs who have undergone the "vampire facial" in the pursuit for younger looking skin. This is a common misconception - our microneedling sessions are pain free with little to no downtime!

Is it sore?

Our Dermapen treatment is not a painful experience. We use a variety of different sized, tiny needlepoints which create small punctures within the dermis. Doing so helps encourage the skin's collagen and elastin production. You will feel small needle pricks on the surface of the skin, most clients would even say waxing is more painful!

Will my face bleed?

Generally, there will be no bleeding during or after your microneedling treatment. You may notice some redness for 2 to 3 days after the procedure, but nothing too noticeable and you can feel free to go about your daily errands straight from the clinic.

Do I need a numbing cream before my treatment?

With our signature Dermpen device, there is no need for numbing cream unlike other microneedling treatments such as Skinpen. Dermapen uses a range of needle depths to allow more specific application and has a unique “tapered” needle design that minimises discomfort and skin trauma during each treatment.

How long does it take?

Depending on the number of areas we are targeting, generally our Microneedling session takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Dermapen offers a much quicker treatment in comparison to Skinpen due to the motorized tip with multiple needles to puncture the skin at high speed.

Can I use my normal skincare products post treatment?

SkinPen has very strict after care instructions which limits the types of products you can use after treatment. With Dermapen however, you can go back to using your regular skincare routine the next day!

We pride ourselves in the ability to rejuvenate your skin as well as improve a range of skin concerns through microneedling. Book your appointment at the clinic today!


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