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Restore a youthful, fresh complexion at any age. Plump and smooth wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin with a collection of our anti-ageing essentials. Packed with potent bio-compatible active ingredients, you can try and see for yourself that repeated use results in younger-looking skin.





It’s not always easy to find the right skincare combinations to achieve a flawless—and timeless—complexion. Especially when looking for products that can be used safely before, during, and after a microneedling procedure. Luckily, our ANTI-AGEING STARTER KIT has done the hard work for you.

Simply follow the easy step-by-step routine using anti-ageing essentials to condition and strengthen your skin in the lead-up to a microneedling procedure. Continued use of the same products afterwards helps soothe and replenish your skin. This anti-ageing starter kit is everything you need for glowing, visibly younger-looking skin.


Key Benefits 

  • All-in-one skincare kit for anti-ageing
  • Conveniently sized to test all products and see visible benefits
  • Plumps skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Rich in HylaFuse™ Hyaluronic Acid for skin-quenching hydration
  • Packed with powerhouse antioxidants and vitamins
  • Boosts Dermapen Treatment™ results for anti-ageing
  • Includes revolutionary foundation, recovery balm and SPF wonder product COVER RECOVER™ in 3 shades


  • Tri-Phase Cleanser

    Cleanses, nourishes, and hydrates while removing all traces of debris and makeup. 

    Antioxidant Cocktail

    Fights the visible signs of age and sun damage; evens out skin tone; re-texturises and firms. 

    Vitamin Rich Repair

    Promotes intensive rejuvenation and skin structure. 

    Retinal Active

    Powerful Vitamin A and anti-ageing antioxidants. 

    Hyla Active 3D Mask

    Wraps hydration around face and neck. 

    Cover Recover

    Our breathable tinted SPF 30 can be used as an everyday makeup or immediate post-recovery; clinically formulated with medicating actives.

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